$2000 Nuerburgring Competition

First Track: Nuerburgring Nordschleife with GT3, DTM and more
Second Track: Nuerburgring Nordschleife with FX-17 (drives like Formula 1)

How it works

You buy a ticket for your first race. Log in with your first name and your last name and add @ followed by the last three digits of the ticket number. Keep the ticket, it’s your ID for the prize.

Example: John Doe@001

Pick from our selection of cars.

For any further race login with your name and existing ticket number.

We do 500 races, each competition 250 in the first step. After the 250th ticket is sold we make the Saturday in the next week the last day of the competition. At 9.00pm on this Saturday is the last chance to buy a ticket or race.

Who is the winner?

We have a leaderboard and you get points depending to your rank for every race. The first place gets 500 points, the second 499 and so on. It goes down to place 481 who gets 20 points and anyone after this gets 20 points too.

The winner is the guy with the most points at the end, if there are 2 with the same amount of points the higher rank is the winner.

How much does it cost?

A race is $12 and the racetime is 24 minutes.
A combination with other promotions or discounts is not possible.
Vouchers cannot be redeemed for participation in this competition.

What can I win?

The winner takes it all, each of both race a $1000 check is waiting for our lucky champion.


No, you can do as much as you want.

Take a photo of the ticket with your phone, no ticket (or photo) means you cannot win the prize.

Have a look in the leaderboard, on your ticket or your photo.

If you haven’t begun the race we can start you over, otherwise it doesn’t count to your account. We can’t edit anything in the leaderboard.

Click here to view the continuously updated scoreboard: